Arsen Brzostek

Arsen Brzostek


Arsen Brzostek has served as chief executive officer since the company’s origins in 1993, continually creating powerful marketing and branding strategies for Fortune 500 companies and global organizations. His past affiliations include McCann, among the world’s most widely renowned international advertising agencies, and Art Directions, then one of the leading graphic design firms in America. Arsen also has operated his own thriving full-service design and advertising agency in Florida for nearly 25 years.


Today, Arsen is excited to be developing new, nimble, future-focused marketing strategies that generate value for clients, drawing on his rich understanding of trends and marketing components and how to integrate them successfully in various campaign structures. That foundation enables him to spearhead the strategy, design, and implementation of effective, agile, results-driven marketing.


Arsen’s cool leadership and warm management style mirror the company’s mission and core values. He motivates and guides high-performance teams in a confident and relaxed manner that fosters an upbeat, accountable environment within the company.


Arsen holds degrees in communications from St. Thomas University and in commercial art from International Fine Arts College, both in Miami. He is an avid outdoorsman, surfer and aquatic sports enthusiast, enjoying life with his wife and children in Florida.