REPETAR: Why the Power Pyramid Helps Your Company Exceed Expectations

Anaconda Agency is founded on the highest caliber of business ethics. We define marketing and advertising as telling the truth in ways that maximize our clients’ value, public image, competitiveness, success, and prestige. We place dominant emphasis on generating campaigns that obtain specific, measurable, maximally positive results, as defined by the client’s own stated goals. To achieve this aim, our methods are rooted in our philosophy of REPETAR: Research, Evaluate, Plan, Execute, Track, Analyze, and Repeat.

  • Research

    Top-tier marketing research begins with listening to you. Each individual company is different and has different aspirations. Anaconda Agency is all about gaining an essential understanding of your specific marketing goals and then identifying key promotional opportunities and methodologies to get you there—while minimizing your risk of making bad marketing decisions. So, it’s vital to determine the specific type of data needed, based on your objectives; then systematically collect and prepare it for evaluation.

  • Evaluate

    The evaluation process carefully examines and sorts the data collected for relevance, strength, and value. Marketers who succeed are those who let the research findings and the potential implications drive their marketing decisions. They know from experience that sound choices are seldom based solely on gut feeling, intuition, or even good judgment. A competitive environment extracts a steep price from companies for poor marketing decisions. Making smart decisions comes from a position of power, and that means having a solid yet flexible plan.

  • Plan

    A marketing plan helps a business determine the best use of its resources to achieve corporate objectives. A solid marketing plan reveals your company’s current market position, the target market, and the specific marketing strategies best suited to accelerating your business toward achieving its goals. It can also contain a brief analysis of the company’s organization, products, strengths, and weaknesses. The plan is the blueprint that allows you to identify consumer expectations and realistic targets, and then confidently apply resources to fulfill those objectives.

  • Execute

    Execution is the manifestation of the plan in physical reality. Anaconda Agency is a team of professionals with over 100 years of combined marketing experience, affording us the creativity and the power to meet and exceed expectations. When executing a marketing plan, a brand deserves creative partners who are fully committed to project timelines, attention to detail and quality, consistent follow-through, and, above all, excellent communication. The execution phase is one of focused collaboration and fine tuning to continue advancement toward your goals.

  • Track

    While executing a campaign, collecting resultant data and tracking trends become the order of the day.  Each step of each marketing program must have results that are trackable: What you measure, you can analyze—and then influence.

  • Analyze

    Analysis brings the moment of discovery, when the tracking results reveal how well your marketing activities achieved your original objectives. Continual evaluation helps the marketing team wisely tweak techniques, modify goals, or integrate new objectives the client wishes to achieve. As it inherently involves attempting to predict the future behavior of human beings, marketing is correctly considered an inexact science. As such, some activities in a campaign may work better than others. Occasional adjustments are routinely necessary and expected components of a successful campaign.

  • Repeat

    At Anaconda Agency we believe any company aspiring to become or remain a serious contender in its market segment must view consistently evolving marketing efforts as absolutely essential to sustained growth and prosperity. Change is inevitable. As a company advances over time, the marketing plan it deployed a year or two ago may no longer adequately fit the future it now foresees. Repeating the process while making necessary adjustments is thus a vital, “final” step for marketing success.